Be Raw, Be Natural & Be Organic.

SPR-FIELD’s monk fruit is 100% naturally grown in the pollution-free remote mountains of South-Central Asia-Guangxi, Guilin. It contains no fat, calories, sugar and carbohydrates. Fruitmayor is an all-time homemade favorite herbal beverage for you and your family.

Eureka Tea Series

Our Eureka Tea gives an unprecedented tea experience. Monk Fruit in the Tea is the key feature of our Eureka Tea Series. Every bio degradable tea bag is packed with the finest fruits, blossoms, leaves and spices in the world, together with our Fruitmayor dried monk fruit.

O’Tim Sweet

The description should read: O’Tim Sweet turns our Fruitmayor Monk Fruit into a natural sweetener with a low caloric value, zero fat and zero impact on glycemic index. Its all natural and premium sweetness makes our O’Tim Sweet to be an excellent alternative to ordinary sugar and perfectly fits into your daily use.

* O’Tim Pure Organic & Natural Monk Fruit Sweetener only